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Tôi đã tuột quần với Bundler như thế nào?

Khi làm việc với Ruby và Bundler, ta rất hay thường dùng Bundle.setup và Bundle require để load các thư viện trong project. Vậy có bao giờ bạn bị lỗi tuột quần với nó chưa?

Euruko 2017 Notes

Vừa rồi mình đi Euruko 2017 ở Budapest, một số bài nói cũng khá thú vị nên mình sẽ note lại ở đây.

Bundler Gotcha

A few days ago I encountered a strange behavior of Bundler so this post notes down how my experience with it was.

Five Rails Gotchas

It’s undeniable that Rails is a great framework to speedily build up your application. However, despite of its handiness, like other frameworks, Rails has its own flaws and is never a silver bullet. This post is going to show you some of the gotchas (or pitfalls you name it) I encountered while working with Rails.

You don't need RVM gemset

We can’t deny the contribution RVM gemset gave up to the Ruby community, but do we really need gemsets to isolate our project dependencies these days?

Using Factory Girl with Hanami model

Hanami is one of the most popular and trending Ruby frameworks today, well-known for its clean architecture and testability. In this post we are going to explore how we can use Hanami Model with Factory for fast testing data generation.

Monkey Patching for good

Monkey-patching has been widely considered as bad practice in software development, in terms of source code management and maintainability.